About Us

Entrepreneur by nature, a well to do retired couple enjoying local sauvignon blanc wrapped in hotel provided cotton bathrobes sitting by the pool in a world class mediterranean resort, liked it so much wanted to buy their robes as souvenirs to take home and re-live the enchantment. jolt by the outrageous price tag over 200 euros each,took care of the euphoria in an instant.but having practically lived in terry robes for all this time was such delight they wanted to to share it with the world,if only they could take the sting out of price, hence birth of classicbathrobes.com

Guaranteed exceptional quality bathrobes, at honest to goodness prices. as a matter of fact sourced from the same factories that provide the world class resorts(including the ritz. …….they stayed in) and five star hotels never compromising on quality the couple vowed to create a bathrobe company that combined exceptional quality and rock bottom prices. To offer quality equal or greater than the most expensive designer robes, at amazing prices.

Our promise:

  • Perfect robe for the absolute right price
  • Personalization for him and her by expert local crafts-person
  • Locally focused,provide a few jobs,raise a little money for our favorite charities,* and have fun doing it
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